Ask your staff the questions they want to answer

The LiA Pulse Check is part of the Listening into Action (LiA) approach to engaging and empowering staff to deliver high performance - in a way that makes them feel valued and proud.

It is easy to listen, and not so easy to turn this into action. Staff will tell you that they are tired of being asked how they feel when their feedback makes no difference to what happens next. This needs to be different.

In choosing to use the LiA Pulse Check, you and your leadership team have decided that you genuinely want to understand how engaged and how valued people are feeling right now. By getting a clear view of this, and then taking action to ‘unblock the way’ and empower teams to get on with the positive changes they want to see, you have the opportunity to unleash the energy, commitment and talent of your workforce.

It's not 'soft stuff' - it's what delivers the hard stuff!

Leadership teams use the LiA Pulse Check to...

  • Connect with staff
  • Get a clear view of how people are feeling very quickly
  • Drive immediate actions and step-changes which will 'unblock the way'
  • Provide a powerful case for embedding new ways of working which engage all the right people – across the usual boundaries – around the most important business outcomes.

The Pulse Check is powerful, intuitive and easy to interpret. We took it seriously and saw a 65% positive shift within 12 months

Phil Morley, Chief Executive at Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals

The beauty is that it is extremely quick and easy to use, and provides such a clear insight in the here and now

Julian Emms, Chief Executive at Berkshire Healthcare

I love finding solutions to problems. Measuring staff engagement quickly and accurately is harder than it sounds. The Pulse Check does this and solves my problem

Joanne Watson, Clinical Director at Musgrove Park Hospital

It takes 60 seconds and gave us an invaluable, real time view of how our staff felt, and a baseline against which we can review progress

John Goulston, Chief Executive at Croydon Health Services

Gets to the heart of the matter - a healthy workforce starts with a Pulse Check

Debbie Fryer, HR Director at Aintree University Hospital

It provides a useful gauge on the impact of initiatives to enhance engagement, help people feel more valued and remove obstacles to better patient care

Justin Wilson, Medical Director at Berkshire Healthcare