How staff feel changes everything...

Based on 15 questions and completed in 2 minutes, the LiA Pulse Check is used as a census with all staff, who respond because you commit to engaging them in the action that follows.

This powerful tool has already been tried and tested with more than 150,000 NHS staff in 80+ organisations.

Many Trusts adopting Listening into Action (LiA) as their approach to improving patient care have seen improvements of up to 120% on baseline LiA Pulse Check results within a year.


  • The LiA Pulse Check goes out to all staff for response via email, intranet, mobile phone, tablet, or on paper
  • Responses are completely anonymous
  • Staff may also suggest up to 3 changes to improve patient care and/or reduce day-to-day frustrations
  • Results are available by organisation, role, specialty and site
  • Reports show your results by the CQC 3 domains

"A powerful force for cultural change"

Alwen Williams, Chief Executive

"The beauty is that it is extremely quick and easy to use, and provides such a clear insight"

Julian Emms, Chief Executive

"This is real staff engagement. It feels different. It feels punchy. It feels great"

Dr Esther Waterhouse, Consultant in Palliative Medicine

"Moving to this Trust has been a huge breath of fresh air"

Steph Colbourn, F2 Junior Doctor

"An invaluable, real time view of how our staff feel, and a baseline against which we review progress"

John Goulston, Chief Executive

"LiA really has developed me into the person and the nurse I am today"

Sarah Watkins, Ward Sister

"Our staff feel energised and empowered by the LiA approach"

Dr Judith Graham, Queen’s Nurse and Advanced Nurse Consultant

"A healthy workforce starts with an LiA Pulse Check"

Debbie Herring, HR Director

"Magic Dust"

John Adler, Chief Executive

"Patients are happier, there are fewer complaints and we spend less time on the phone explaining to patients what the inefficiencies are"

Lee Parker, Orthopaedic Consultant Surgeon